Our Bookkeeping Rates Guarantee You Pay for What You Need

It can be difficult to stay on top of your regular finances as well as your business finances and the overall well-being of your company. Some find it overwhelming and very time-consuming to do it all. Simple Operating Solutions knows the importance of helping you stay on top of your everyday business needs from bookkeeping to filing your tax returns whether you are a large corporation or a small business. Let us help you!

Bookkeeping Services

Whether you need a little help or someone to do it all, we are here to help. We offer custom packages to suit your needs. We also have an hourly rate if a package isn’t what you need.
Gold Silver Bronze
Monthly Cost $1000 $700 $400
Hourly Cost $50 $50 $50
Posting all bank transactions
Completing the month bank reconciliations
Posting purchase invoices, expenses and cash transactions
Credit card transactions and reconciliations
Completing your HST returns
Making adjustments for accruals and prepayments
Unlimited email and telephone support
Regular reports on your key numbers
Quarterly business review meeting
Bill payment services


  • Basic Returns - $85.00 tax included
  • Tier One - $125.00 tax included
  • Tier Two - $160.00 tax included
  • Tier Three - $200.00 tax included
  • Information Only - $30.00 tax included
  • Student Special - $70.00 tax included
  • Seniors Special - $60.00 tax included
  • T3 Trust and Estate Returns - $350.00 tax included
  • Deceased Return - $75.00 tax included
  • Rights & Things Return - $75.00 tax included
  • T4 & T5 Returns - $175.00 tax included
  • Adjustments - $40.00 tax included
  • GST Returns - $50.00 tax included
  • Business Registration & Set-Up - $175.00 tax included
  • Corporate Returns - $1250.00 tax included
  • Year-End Reconciliation - $800 tax included
  • Small Business Bookkeeping - $50.00/hr tax included
  • Government Remittances - $30.00 tax included
  • Payroll Services - $50.00 tax included
  • Excel Spreadsheet - $30.00 tax included
  • Time Charge - $50.00 tax included


Effective January 17, 2022 we will be charging a fee of $50/hr which will be charged in 15-minute increments* With the changes that have occurred due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we find ourselves spending more time on the phone and email dealing with different situations that arise with our clients. This eats into a good part of our day, taking us away from working on other tasks for our clients. In the past, it happened periodically, but now it is happening more and more. There are many requirements that may need to be dealt with from a change of address, a matching letter, help with closing a business, pre-assessments, post-assessments, payroll services, etc. We can help with it all! Let’s work together!! *Charges will only be applied when extra work is done.


Tax Preparation Appointments in Office SOS in house – if you can’t come to me; I will come to you *Instant tax refunds not available