Non-Filed Tax Returns in Cambridge

Failing to file income tax returns is a criminal offense. So, if you haven’t done your civic duty and filed your taxes, you need to act fast to make sure that you aren’t facing the terrible consequences that come with this type of criminal offense. Chances are, if you haven’t been filing your tax returns, you likely don’t know how to correct the situation, which is why Simple Operating Solutions is here to help.

Not only can Simple Operating Solutions help you restore peace of mind, our highly qualified tax specialists located here in Cambridge possess the necessary knowledge and experience to rectify pending tax files for both individuals and business owners. Though this might seem like turning yourself in, the truth is that by voluntarily submitting your non-filed tax returns through Simple Operating Solutions’ skilled team of tax professionals, equitable settlements can be readily negotiated. Plus, tax penalties and interest payments can be substantially reduced.

For the last several years, Simple Operating Solutions has been helping individuals and businesses in the Cambridge area figure out their tax returns, both filed and non-filed. We understand that the average person has too much going on in their lives to dedicate the time necessary to figuring out the intricacies of tax codes. Furthermore, businesses need to focus on the goods and services they provide, which often means that essential information on what needs to be done falls by the wayside. No matter your circumstances, if you have non-filed tax returns, we are here to help.

Our primary goal is to always help clients achieve peace of mind with their financial goals by serving as the most trustworthy tax partner in the Cambridge area. So, if you need help with your non-filed tax returns, call (519) 624-8375 to speak with one of our tax professionals today.

The Non-Filed Tax Return Process

The first step in rectifying a non-filed tax return is getting a professional at Simple Operating Solutions to prepare all the un-filed returns, a knowledgeable assessment of all payments and penalties owed and the implementation of strategies to relieve and reduce any tax liability.

In cases of tax delinquency, you should never take matters into your own hands. Taxes are complex even when they are filed on time. To make sure that the resolution of your non-filed tax returns are a success, you need a professional to guide you through the process. Taking matters into your own hands could result in lost time and income, and serious financial loss. Giving us a call will make sure that you are on the right track from start to finish.

Our track record speaks for itself, so if you want to make sure that the best tax professionals in Cambridge are working for you, contact us today.

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